Hashtag Leatherworks

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  • Hand-crafted, naturally unlined leather tote
  • Large inner pocket constructed of both hand and machine stitching
  • Leather sourced in the USA and tanned in Maine.
  • Each bag contains natural leather characteristics such as fat wrinkles and/or range marks/scratches (natural healed scratches from the animal scratching and rubbing against trees and brush in the wild).
  • Handles are accented with solid brass hardware

Call Bath (207-443-2225) or Portland (207-828-1515) for availability.

Hashtag Leatherworks is a Veteran owned business creating handcrafted leather products proudly Made in the USA and Made in Maine. Lisa-Marie's carries a variety of hand-crafted, naturally unlined totes, often made with leather tanned by Tasman Leather Group  in Hartland, ME. They feature a variety of  stitched handles and sometimes accented with antique screws.  The final product is proudly Made in the USA and Made in Maine.

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