Flowfold Wallets

  • Minimalist wallets, bifolds & trifolds
  • Made from recycled racing sails that were destined for the landfill
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Great for men and women

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Flowfold wallets were founded on an island in Maine, Flowfold builds gear to carry what you need in pursuit of the moment. Their slim and thin minimalist wallets are better than leather. They design their products so that you can enjoy the moment without worrying about what you carry. Every item is handmade using the world’s strongest and lightest fabrics. They take pride in the quality of their workmanship and guarantee Flowfold products to last.

As a teenager founder, Charles Friedman, worked sewing sailboat sails in Yarmouth, Maine. When his grandfather’s old leather wallet fell apart, he crafted a new one from scrap sailcloth. The wallet was super thin, lightweight, and tough as nails. And just like that, trash turned to treasure, and the first Flowfold wallet was born. Charley started making wallets for friends and family as gifts, building hundreds of prototypes to perfect a lighter yet stronger wallet. Each design iteration removed superfluous materials and replaced them with carefully designed functionality and superior durability. Soon enough, word about the wallets spread and he knew he was onto something. Over the years hundreds of prototypes have been made and put to the test. After carefully refining the design with recycled racing sails, it was time to share Flowfold with the world. “Ecologically conscience production, local productivity and zero emission action.”

We have been carrying Flowfold since the company consisted of just Charley. It has grown over the past decade and employs many Mainers and partners with many larger companies. We are thrilled to still continue carrying their original designs and would be happy to assist you with any of their other products.


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