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If you are interested in commemorating a Loved One with a piece of Cremation Jewelry, please contact Marie via email (marie@lisamariesmadeinmaine.com) and she will get back to you as soon as possible with information regarding jewelry options and how to transport your cremains safely. She will work with you and the artist to select the perfect piece of jewelry to honor your Loved One’s memory. It is a process that we treat with the utmost respect.


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Honoring someone’s memory with a piece of cremation jewelry.

Losing someone you love is always a difficult experience. We work with an amazing artist who creates beautiful cremation jewelry featuring the cremains of your Loved One. It is a process that we are very respectful of and take very seriously.

If you are interested in having the cremains of your Loved One set into a piece of jewelry, contact Marie by email (marie@lisamariesmadeinmaine) and she will discuss via email the jewelry options available and the delicate process that the artist uses to create and honor your Loved One.

Download detailed information here >> 082019ALRCremation.pdf

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