City of Bath Flag


  • Strong 200D knitted polyester material
  • 36″ x 60″
  • Sharp coloring, single sided reverse with 100% bleed
  • Affixed with two metal grommets for attaching to flag pole

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Bath is a prestigious city worthy of celebrating with the pageantry of its very own flag. On July 3, 2013, the city council adopted this flag to represent the city and for its residents (near and far) to demonstrate pride for their home.

Symbolism: The golden ship is representative of Bath’s vibrant and ongoing shipbuilding history. The blue wavy bars allude to the two major bodies of water that flank the city: Merrymeeting Bay and the Kennebec River. The exact red and blue match those on the national flag and the overall composition was inspired by the coat of arms of the city’s namesake in Somerset, England.

This authentic City of Bath Flag meets official color and dimensional specifications.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 in


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