Charcoal & White Sweater Mittens


  • Made from a discarded charcoal, black & white sweater
  • Felted to prevent change in shape
  • Lined with fuzzy, soft fleece
  • Buttons on the cuff
  • Machine washable (For the best results put them on to reshape after machine or line drying)
  • Medium size fits many
  • Carried seasonally

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Call Bath (207-443-2225) or Portland (207-828-1515) for additional sizes and patterns.

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This pair of Charcoal & White Sweater Mittens is made by Jeanne. You know your favorite sweater that you can’t wear anymore because it has a huge hole in it? You have it in mind? Is it hiding in the back of your closet? I wouldn’t be able to throw it out either. I can’t bear to throw away old sweaters but don’t wear them anymore due to unraveling, rips, or holes. Many people have been recycling these sweaters by making them into mittens. Our team of mitten-makers felt the recycled sweaters (so that they won’t change in size), cut them into the correct shape, line them with fuzzy fleece and adorn them with (sometimes vintage) buttons from the recycled sweaters. Your hands will feel like they are floating in a warm, fuzzy cloud. These recycled sweater mittens come in handy during our cold, Maine winters.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in