Blueberry Tea


Steep 1 tsp. (4g) tea for at least 10 minutes in 8 fluid ounces of BOILING water.

  • “a taste of wild Maine in every cup”
  • from certified organic fields (MOFGA certified since 2002) in Stockton Springs, Maine
  • high nutrient, antioxidant rich
  • blueberry plant leaves are higher in anthocyanins or antioxidants than the organic wild Maine blueberry fruit.
  • tea made from dried Maine blueberries and blueberry leaves
  • caffeine free

Blueberry Sprinkles found here.

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The Blueberry Tea is made by Highland Organics from their own blueberry fields that fields have been certified organic by MOFGA every year since 2002. Did you know that the Organic and Wild Maine Blueberry LEAVES were higher in anthocyanins or antioxidants than the organic wild Maine blueberry fruit? Some people with Type I or Type II diabetes may not be able to take advantage of the antioxidant rich blueberry fruit, but now they can take advantage of our whole leaf organic Wild Maine Blueberry LEAVES without the fruit. They make delicious teas using the fruit and leaves that their organic fields produce every year.

Ginger Blues : The ginger in this tea just kicked the blues up a notch! Steep a cup, sit back and enjoy as this cup belts out some blues to all you serious ginger lovers out there. This is a must try tea taste!

Blueberry Pie-in-a-Cup Tea is organic whole plant wild Maine blueberry tea combined with Highland Organics wild Maine harvested chaga and organic ceylon cinnamon. This tea is like a summer picnic under an old oak tree on a warm summer day with an ocean breeze blowing in the trees while eating a slice of fresh organic wild Maine blueberry pie. This is a very nice after dinner tea or anytime you are craving a slice of blueberry pie!

Chaga Blue is organic whole plant wild Maine blueberry tea combined with our organic wild harvested Maine chaga. This is truly Chaga-Blue power with two great antioxidants in one tea. This tea doesn’t get any more wild Maine than that.

Blue Mellow-Yellow is the tea everyone has been asking Highland Organics for! They could think of nothing more relaxing than a stroll through a blueberry field on a warm summer day. Love blueberries? Check. Love lemons? How about a touch of Lavender to “mellow” it all out? You will want to sit in your best resting place with this tea, and let these tastes take you to your favorite happy place.

Organic Whole Plant Wild Maine Blueberry Tea in a 2 oz. tin.  This tin has 14 cups of the real, pure and true “Taste of Wild Maine” in it.  Steep in your french press, tea bags, or tea ball.  Makes a great gift in a beautiful tea tin. Handcrafted, artisan tea made in small batches.  Filler-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, pure, 2 ingredients from start to finish, organic and always WILD MAINE.  Everything is grown right here in Maine!

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Blueberry Tea

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