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Made from sterling silver, and often cast from the actual object, this jewelry is sure to bring the wearer the sense of peace that the ocean brings to the artist. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are all inspired by or cast from artifacts found on the Maine coast.

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Carolyn Nichols’ jewelry is collaboration between the natural world and the whim of the silversmith. She learned to create habitats and sculptures for the New England Aquarium in Boston as an Exhibit Preparator. Eventually she moved out of the big city and into the wilds of Maine and took a few classes in metal-smithing, lost-waz casting and Precious Metal Clay molding – she was hooked. She could adapt the sculptural elements of exhibit design, combine her scientific knowledge, and create three-dimensional jewelry.

She incorporates sea glass, pearls and other natural artifacts into her work. The process of creating jewelry is as important to her as the final piece. She often spends time in the field, wood or seashore, making molds directly from natural objects. When she looks at the finished piece, she often smiles inwardly at the memory of the creative journey and mess that was required to make such a delicate and lovely piece of art. Nichols has held many artistic jobs such as freelance artist with various Boston hospitals, museums, and zoos (due to her M.F.A. in Medical Illustrations), a sculptor and illustrator for the New England Aquarium, a whitewater guide, and a Maine guide. She is currently a full-time high school science teacher at Morse High School in Bath.

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