Lobster Gauge Bottle Opener


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  • Beautiful patinaed solid brass
  • Lobster trap twine looped handle
  • “Maine” laser etching
  • Informational card that teaches how the gauge is used on a lobster boat
  • Comes in an 8″ kraft box with lobster claw bands

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This lobster gauge bottle opener is simple and stylish.  Inspired by the classic lobster gauge lobstermen and lobsterwomen use, it's the perfect gift for the Maine lover in your life. Handcrafted by lobsterboat Captain, Dave Coleman. The gauge is beautiful patinaed solid brass with a lobster trap twine handle, "Maine" laser etching, and an informational card that teaches how the gauge is used on a lobster boat. It comes ready-to-gift in 8" kraft box with lobster claw bands. The lobster gauge is a simple tool used to determine which lobsters are "keepahs" and which have to be thrown back. Having fished the animal nearly to extinction, the very first size restrictions were introduced in the late 1800's. The gauge measures the length of the body (carapace), from the back of the eye socket to the edge of the carapace. To be deemed a "keepah," the length must be between 3.75" and 5" (1-4 lbs). This size slot allows small, juvenile lobsters to be released along with large healthy breeding adults, ensuring the lobster population has a chance to continue and not be over-fished.