Pottery & Kitchenware

Hand Painted Napkin Rings



  • Wooden Napkin Rings
  • Set of 2
  • Hand Painted by Beth Doan
  • Featuring Maine creatures and icons

These Wooden Napkin Rings are hand painted by Beth Doan. They come in a pair to keep two napkins neatly wrapped and ready for your next meal. They feature iconic Maine characters like the lobster, starfish chickadees and cardinals, as well as some famous Maine icons like the lighthouse and anchor.

Beth rises early most every morning and begins her day with a lovely cup of coffee and paints for at least the first couple of hours of day. She feels it’s important and vital to her well being to put creativity as her first priority as much as pos

Some of her favorite themes to paint are lupines, lighthouses, blueberries, lobsters, dragonflies, snowmen and flowers. Ultimately she loves the feelings she gets when she creates something special for someone. Her slogan is “I paint your memories” and her ornaments will certainly help remind you of a special moment in your life.