Civil War Pen


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1 in stock


  • Americana double twist heirloom quality pen similar to a 1920’s design
  • Pen twists in either direction to lock.
  • Parker tip refuel is black ink, medium point and can be found easily.
  • To change the refill – unscrew the cap and pull out the refill.
  • Come in a red velvet lined pen box.

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This Civil War Pen is made by American Heritage Pens, a Maine-based business that crafts pens from small pieces of historic wood. They are honored to be the exclusive pen maker for the USS Constitution Museum. Over the years, repairs have been made to America’s Ship of State, the “USS Constitution.” The museum has provided the wood removed during those repairs to be used by American Heritage. No one else has that honor. This is one of many histories available. Each refillable pen includes a history card which explains the importance of the wood used. 

This handcrafted Civil War Pen commemorates the American Civil War. The pen is made from a honey locust witness tree at the Battle of Gettysburg. The young tree stood near the site of Pickett’s Charge and the Gettysburg Address. Damaged by a storm in August 2008, a portion was removed and used to create the pens. The surviving portion of the tree still stands at the Soldier’s National Cemetery.

Embedded in the cap of the pen is a piece of a Confederate minie ball found in Appomattox, Virginia. A minie ball was a type of bullet used extensively in the American Civil War. Its design dramatically increased both range and accuracy, which has long been accepted as the reason for the high number of casualties.

Pickett’s Charge is considered by many as the “high watermark of the Confederacy.” Appomattox Courthouse was the site of Lee’s surrender to Grant’s forces and marked the end of the Confederacy.



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