Battle of Gettysburg Pen


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  • Americana double twist heirloom quality pen similar to a 1920’s design
  • Pen twists in either direction to lock.
  • Parker tip refill is black ink, medium point and can be easily found.
  • To change the refill unscrew the cap and pull out the refill.
  • Come in a red, lined pen box.

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The Battle of Gettysburg Pen was handcrafted from a portion of the Honey Locust tree that stood on Cemetery Hill during the Battle of Gettysburg and witnessed Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863. A severe storm caused damage to the tree on August 7, 2008 and the damaged part was removed from Gettysburg Battlefield.
For the first three days of July 1863, Union and Confederate soldiers clashed the town of Gettysburg and surrounding farm fields. Following the battle, David Wills became the start agent and the leader of the committee charged with the creation of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery which centralized the final resting place of 3,555 Union soldiers hastily buried in the early days of July 1863. The decided location was Cemetery Hill, near the town’s cemetery and adjacent to the field of Pickett’s Charge. Edward Everett, a national political figure and orator, was chosen by the committee to be the keynote speaker.David Wills personal invited Lincoln to make “… a few appropriate remarks”  – The Gettysburg Address.

This Battle of Gettysburg Pen is made by American Heritage Pens, a Maine based business crafting pens from small pieces of historic wood. They are honored to be the exclusive pen maker for the USS Constitution Museum. Over the years repairs have been made to America’s Ship of State the “USS Constitution”. The museum has provided wood removed during those repairs to be used by American Heritage. No one else has that honor. This is one of many histories available. Each refillable pen includes a history card which explains the importance of the wood used.