Fish Fork Pendant


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Out of stock

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  • Pendants artfully created from collected silverware
  • Each piece is uniquely made
  • ~3″ by 1″ pendant
  • Hangs on adjustable cord (18″-20″ length)

Peek at the Octopus pendant or the Elephant Pair Pendants.

Giving new purpose to vintage silverware--because if you're not using it, why not wear it? The Fish fork pendant features silver forks re-purposed and redesigned to become pieces of art. With wavy tails these little guys are ready to embark on a new journey and flaunt their new look! Recycled silverware has made a comeback, after being popular in the 1960s-1990s in the form of spoon rings. Spoon rings date back to the 1600s; they symbolized love, commitment and responsibility. Tales claim that servants who had fallen in love and wanted to propose marriage would steal silver spoons and craft them into rings. Today, this art form still exists, with artists collecting old and antique silverware and crafting it into jewelry, sculptures, and even wind chimes! In this collection, our Maine artists have created fish, octopus and elephant pendants that hang from an adjustable leather cord.