Slate Lobster Ornament

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1 in stock


  • Made by A&E Stoneworks Ornaments
  • Perfect addition to your home or your Christmas tree
  • Made from high quality Black Maine slate
  • Cut by Alana and Evan in their home
  • Each ornament is drilled and hung on a light brown faux leather craft cord and is ready for hanging.

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The Slate Lobster Ornament is made by (A)lana & (E)van, high school sweethearts that got married in a small town in midcoast Maine and now own and run A&E Stoneworks. They love the outdoors & all that comes with it. E runs his family’s masonry business & A has spent the past 7 years out of college working at a local pastry shop.

The earliest memory Alana has of wanting to start this little business venture is from several years ago. Evan had a “bread loaf” shaped rock (his dad had brought it home one day because he thought it was neat.) One day Evan got out his saw and started “slicing” the bread loaf rock into coasters. Alana remembers standing at the counter with Evan’s mom gluing felt to the back of the coasters (funny side note – they actually were using white fabric paint in a tube that they THOUGHT was glue – but it worked! and the felt is still stuck to the rocks to this day.) After the coasters were finished she remembers thinking how cool it was to have such a special rock turned into something that we could use everyday. That rock had hung around the house for a few years and Evan’s father had passed away in that time. This rock – something so simple – became something so special that they could use everyday. Alana knew she wanted to make these for other people but she didn’t know how it was going to happen.

Fast forward about a year – June 2012….. One day Evan came home from work and said “I was talking with Tony today, we should cut a rock into the shape of Maine.” (Tony is a mason that works for the family Masonry business) So they made a stencil, walked out back to the left-over-job-rock-pile and pulled out a piece of 2″ thick Norumbega. It took Evan 30 minutes to make their very first Maine shaped rock. Alana couldn’t believe how perfect it was! They posted it to facebook and got a TON of likes and comments. That’s when they decided they had to start making more things. They still weren’t sure how or where to sell their items.

Enter Lisa-Marie’s! We are so proud to be supporting another family business helping the people of our Vacation state and our friends from away bring their own piece of Maine into their home.