Lobster Shell Snowflake Ornament


8 in stock

8 in stock


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This Lobster Shell Snowflake Ornament is made from lobster shell and oyster shell . The white oyster shell is a perfect backdrop to let the detail of the bright red lobster shell shine. Each ornament is individually crafted using real shells and resin, poured and cured in a beautiful mold. The ornament is finished with a antiqued silver ornament hook, ready to hang.

The included jewelry box contains information in the lid stating product details including the name of the lobsterman who caught the particular lobster used in this pendant. Due to the nature of the shell, each piece will be slightly different in color. Check out the Mussel Shell Snowflake Ornament and the Oyster Shell Snowflake Ornament. This ornament is a unique piece of Maine that commemorates the tradition and hard work that takes place each day along the Maine coast. From the men and women who rely on this crustacean for their livelihoods and the small fishing villages all along the coast that depend upon the fishing industry… From the people who love to eat lobster, whether native “Mainers” or “from away” or for those who fondly recall a special summer lobster bake on the rocky coast… This piece represents it all-the best that Maine has to offer!

Approx. 3.5 Inches from tip to tip