New Items Spring 2021 Part 1 - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

New Items Spring 2021 Part 1

Out on a Limb Spreads

We caught our breath after a successful holiday season and have spent the past few months restocking and adding new items to our online offerings.

And we’ve added a LOT recently…
We’ve got goodies for your children, delectable foods to make your taste buds happy, and some great items to make that drink at the end of the day well-worth the wait.

Here are a few of the newest Maine made items available now….



Reading is VERY important (and enjoyable) for infants–the younger, the better! We carry a variety of Maine-based board books that will help their young minds grow!

Good Night Maine

Count to Sleep Maine

One Green Tree, Ten Chickadees


A collection of childhood classics, Make Way for McCloskey, features 8 children’s stories written by Robert McCloskey, all in one hard cover book:

  1. Make Way for Ducklings
  2. Blueberries for Sal
  3. Lentil
  4. Time of Wonder
  5. One Morning in Maine
  6. Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man
  7. Homer Price
  8. Centerburg Tales

These classic Maine stories by Robert McCloskey and Barbara Cooney are available in paperback and hard cover.

They are available in Bath, Portland and now also available online!


These 100% cotton onesies range from Newborn to 24 months and feature the State of Maine stitched in the middle using unique patterns and designs.

They are safe for machine washing and drying and make a great gift whether you’re shopping for a boy, girl, or gender neutral gift.


Cut and stitched by Holly in her home studio. The outside shells are made from various fabrics, which are natural fibers like cotton, linen or wool. The lining material is always organic cotton fleece so that the layer cuddling your baby’s sweet feet is soft, cushiony, and free from the harsh pesticides used in cotton farming. There’s a layer of natural cotton batting layered into the sole of the bootie for extra stability and comfort. They have grippy bottoms to help babies and toddlers move with security and ease and are machine washable and dry-able (in cold water and low tumble dry settings). Hand wash and air dry for longest life. All materials are pre-washed and dried.


These sweet stuffies will put a smile on anyone’s face–young or old! Beautiful, vibrant, and easy to care for items, each piece is made with tender loving care, super soft comfort, right from the heart of Maine. Using super soft fleece in a variety of fun and colorful patters, Jean creates a variety of animals such as monkeys, bunnies, llamas, dogs, dinosaurs, fish, lions and has even dabbled in mythical creatures such as mermaids!


Not all of our kids are of the human variety. Some of ours have 4 legs and emit purring sounds. Want to make their day? Treat your kitty with some of this catnip!

A single ~2″ x 2″ catnip sack filled with locally sourced cat nip. Customers come back year after year to purchase another one because these sacks are their cat’s “favorite toy.”



These awesome mixes are now available online in addition to Bath and Portland! New England Cupboard creates these easy-to-make mixes for super yummy Pancake & Waffle mixes featuring flavors of Maine such as blueberries and Maine Maple Syrup. We also carry their Blueberry Gingerbread Mix and the very popular Popover Mix.


A home-based company owned by Lori and Tim Jordan offers 42 fruit-based products created by Tim that are either low sugar or have no sugar added. The original idea came about because of diabetics in the family who were unable to eat the mass-produced versions of jams / jellies / syrups on the market. Voilá, Out On A Limb was born. We have been carrying their products for well over a decade and are proud to now be offering their Wild Maine Blueberry Spread, Fruits and Maine Spread, Taste of Maine Spread and Jars of Just Blueberries online as well.


Enjoy the natural saline taste of the ocean that is Natural Maine Sea Salt. Solar-evaporated and Hand-harvested on the Coast of Maine. Not dried in a oven or kiln. No additives, whitening agents, or drying chemicals. This sea salt is offered in it’s natural unaltered state in a jar or a grinder. We are also excited to offer the savory Garlic Sea Salt and flavorful Lemon Pepper Sea Salt!


All you need is a can of clams and your mixture of choice – mayonnaise or sour cream. Mix it all together with this dip mix and you’ve got a tasty treat to serve your dinner guests while you prep the main course.



Yes, that’s right! Lisa-Marie herself hand paints this glassware. She specializes in iconic Maine imagery such as red lobsters, purple and pink lupines and beach scenes with gulls in the air. She’s been painting blueberries on her glassware for a while, and by popular demand the stemless wine glass is now available online!

After painting for more than two decades Lisa-Marie has started fulfilling some fan favorite requests. Introducing, the First Maine Flag Glassware.

The design modeled after the First Maine Flag features a bright blue star and a vivid green pine tree. Lots of creators have been replicating this design in honor of Maine’s Bicentennial and we are LOVING all the pride for our Vacationland.


Made and produced by Maine Stitching Specialties, you can keep your can or bottle cold on a warm summer day with one of these coozies. Drink Maine craft beer, cider or soda and keep it cold in style!

And that’s not all, we also added dozens of new pieces of Maine made jewelry and lots of options of Maine made items for your home.

Stay tuned for the next blog post with more Spring 2021 new additions!