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National Moon Day: Moonlight in Maine

There’s nothing like a coastal Maine scene illuminated by a full moon. Our friend and Maine photographer, Benjamin Williamson, has exceeded at capturing our reliable moon in its fullest forms brightening up a dark night. Ben keeps a close eye on the weather, and ventures out when Mother Nature aligns the clouds, light, temperatures, and storms off the coast–all in the name of snapping that perfect shot.

“I found a different kind of excitement in Maine with extreme weather, like winter snowstorms, thunderstorms and sea smoke. There is a sense of drama, a sense of awe of the power in nature.”

Benjamin Williamson, Portland Press Herald, 2016

Back Cove Moon

Portland, Maine

Moon Behind The Observatory

Portland, Maine

The Full Moon at the Cribstone Bridge

Bailey Island, Maine

Full Moon at the State House

Augusta, Maine

Full Moon behind Nubble Light

York, Maine

Red Lobster Boat in the Full Moon

Rockport, Maine

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