Cashmere Sweater Mittens



  • Fuzzy and wicked warm recycled cashmere sweater exterior
  • Lined with soft fleece
  • Machine washable (For the best results put them on to reshape after machine or line drying)
  • Medium size fits many
  • Carried seasonally

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Call Bath (207-443-2225) or Portland (207-828-1515) for additional sizes and patterns.

These cashmere sweater mittens will be your new favorite mittens.

What’s better than a pair of soft snuggly warm mittens on a cold winter day? These incredibly warm mittens are made from upcycled sweaters, each pair made from a 100% Wool, Alpaca or Cashmere Sweater and all are lined with anti-pill fleece for extra warmth, some even have a driving grip to help with gripping the steering wheel or that dreaded shovel. You won’t be disappointed! They make great gifts or even if you want to treat yourself.