Meet the Makers: July 2023 - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Meet the Makers: July 2023

Meet the Maker #4: July 1st – Heritage Days! 🎆

Featuring Gail of Miller Designs and Dan of Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse👇

Gail, Miller Designs

Miller Designs was established by Gail Barker Miller in 1990 when she decided that commuting to work on the mainland from her island home was more than she could handle with two small children. Her tenure at Heritage Lanterns in Yarmouth, Maine gave her the metalsmith training, and her interest in arts and crafts gave her the ideas, to start creating beautiful barrettes. Since then, her line has expanded to include pins, earrings, bracelets, ornaments, and other treasures!

Dan, Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse

Maple syrup is a true gift from nature — and we take our job seriously.

Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse is a small-scale operation located in Mount Vernon, roughly the center of Maine. The family has been making maple syrup for nearly two decades, and adding novel infusions for about five. They enjoy the work and relish the look on each new customer’s face when they taste their cool blends!

Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse Maple Syrup

SHOP 7 of their Maple Syrup Infusions ONLINE!👇

Heritage Days with Andy the Lobstah 🦞

Bath’s biggest celebration of the year, circling around Independence Day: free Waterfront Concerts, Art in the Park, Kids Day, Antique Car Show, Maine’s Largest Fourth of July Parade, Smokey’s Greater Shows Carnival and Fireworks!

Meet the Maker #5: July 13th

Featuring Ben of Benjamin Williamson Photography and Charlie of Maine Towns Playing Cards👇

What do both Ben and Charlie have in common?

They love exploring their hoME state.

“Maine is just a really special place. It has a unique variety of landscapes, and being in Waterville, it’s a good central location. I can go an hour in any direction and have a completely different landscape you know, one hour to the coast, the mountains, the lakes.

– Charlie

Maine Towns Playing Cards

Charlie, Maine Towns and Maine Islands Playing Cards

the way playing cards should be

Charlie is a college student who designed this deck over the last couple years. He grew up in Maine and has a passion for its beautiful geography, which led him to design this deck as well as visit all 430 towns in Maine before he went to college. He is very excited to share the playing cards with people who love Maine just as much as he does!

Ben, Benjamin Williamson Photography

My obsession with photography started in 2012 while working nights tending bar at the Sea Dog in Topsham, Maine. At first I simply wanted to capture the beauty I was coming across on hikes and walks near home. I quickly discovered that a photograph could be more than just a document. It was like putting down my experiences in a visual diary, capturing thoughts and feelings I was having about whatever was in front of me. Like my other love, music, it could be a creative and expressive act.

Meet the Maker #6: July 29th – A “Family Affair”

Featuring Mary & Joe Devenney of Devenney Pottery AND their daughter Nina of Wild Rosie! 👇

Mary and Joe, Devenney Pottery

When you’re involved in the arts it’s a real gift. It’s not like when you reach a certain age you have to retire and figure out what to do. You can keep on doing what you’ve done, you know? It’s awesome, I feel pretty lucky.

– Mary

Nina, Wild Rosie Maine

Being raised by artists made my childhood a lot of great things — They taught me how to throw pots when I was 6 and I thought everyone had raku firings and bonfires in the backyard on the weekends.

– Nina

Another Devenney family member, (daughter & sister!) Angie, made an appearance during the event. She and her sister Nina were modeling Angie’s handmade polymer clay earrings…

…that we now CARRY in both of our shops! Visit us in Bath and Portland to shop the bright, colorful creations of Super Much Fun Studio today!

Next up, the last two Meet the Makers before we celebrate 20 YEARS of business in Bath!