Navy & White Lobster Buoy Centerpiece



  • Navy and White Lobster Buoy Centerpiece
  • Leather strap for hanging
  • Made by Maine Wooden Buoys
  • Husband and wife team – James and Kimberly

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Contact Marie ( if you are interested in custom colors or added custom text.

The Navy & White Lobster Buoy Centerpiece is made by Maine Wooden Buoys, a husband and wife team.

Since all buoys are a natural wood product, there is a chance that your buoy may or may not have a crack or may develop a crack over time. There is no way to determine when and/or if this will happen. This is what makes them unique and adds character to your buoy.

Maine Wooden Buoys first stared in 2013 as a hobby of James’ when he was lobstering himself, something he enjoyed doing with his grandfather, who was also a Maine lobsterman. Friends suggested the husband and wife do this as a business and they thought it was a pretty good idea.

James does most of the cutting work. He’s really good at that. Kimberly does the sanding, priming and painting. She’s really good at that. These buoys have improved over the years and we are very proud of the hard work Kimberly and James have put into them. When they are not working on buoys, they enjoy their own little “farm” – 2 cats, 4 dogs and many, many chickens.

We are always open to custom orders regarding the buoys. Kimberly and James have many paint colors and are excited about any color challenge. Custom order charges may apply if you are also considering the addition of a decal or text.

Doorstoppers, Centerpieces, Hanging buoys, or Planters – there is sure to be a buoy style for everyone.