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Lobster Stemless Wine Glass


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Out of stock

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  • hand-painted by Lisa-Marie
  • featuring bright red lobsters on each side
  • Lisa-Marie’s Original Signature
  • ~4″ tall, ~3″ wide
  • great for ANY beverage
  • paint used is “dishwasher-safe” but we always encourage hand-washing

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Toast to salty, seaside summer nights with this Lobster Stemless Wine Glass. Hand painted by Lisa-Marie herself, this brightly decorative pair will be a necessity for every meal.

Maine lobster, also known as the American Lobster, is found in the waters between Eastern Canada and North Carolina, with Maine contributing to more than half of all lobsters caught in the United States.

Lobsters have been harvested commercially since the mid 1800’s. Before this time, it is clear that lobsters were plentiful and bigger in size and lived much longer than they do today. Magellan’s journals notes that these “creatures” were as thick as “molasses” in some parts of coastal water explored in the old Massachusetts territory, which is now known as Maine.

The State of Maine has very strict laws governing lobstering. Lobster traps may not be hauled at night and on Sundays during June through August in Maine waters (since 1967). In Maine it is illegal to keep lobsters under and over a certain size. Lobstermen use a special gauge to accurately measure the length of the lobster’s carapace (body)–from the eye socket to the beginning of the tail to ensure legal compliance.