“Sea Glass” Stud Earrings



  • Frosted “Sea Glass” Stud Earrings
  • Wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver
  • Hypoallergenic Rubber Backs.
  • Glass measure ~4mm

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Interested in a pair of “Sea Glass” earrings wrapped in Gold or Rose Gold? Email Marie! marie@lisamariesmadeinmaine.com

These “Sea Glass” Stud Earrings make a great gift for yourself or someone special. Smooth, frosted glass beads that replicate the smoothed glass turned up by the sea are wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver to create classic studs for every day wear. Cobalt Blue, Aqua, Teal and Sea Foam glass is available.

Jaclyn uses Fine Silver, Argentium Sterling Silver, Gold Fill, and Rose Gold Fill and many gemstones. Some of her favorites are Authentic Maine Sea Glass, Pearls, and Amethyst.

There’s a fierceness about her. Something that is unparalleled to that of the obstacles she has had to face, doubts that have been overcome, and way she moves from one adventure to the next, whether it be climbing a mountain (quite literally) or when facing the devastating loss of Lyme Disease. Jaclyn Ouillette Sanipass has a B.A. in Outdoor Education & Wilderness Leadership. Following a devastating battle with Lyme Disease, she recovered and led Women’s Wilderness Retreats for over 10 years—achieving what the doctors said was impossible. She is a survivor in complete recovery from severe Neurologic Lyme Disease. Jaclyn currently resides in Maine with her husband and daughter and enjoys traveling the world teaching.

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Jaclyn Sanipass

Jaclyn Sanipass

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