First Maine Flag Hats



  • First Maine Flag featuring the blue star and bright green pine tree
  • Available as a snapback trucker style or an adjustable baseball cap

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These First Maine Flag Hats have been flying out of here since…2020!

The year 2020 brought about the celebration of Maine’s 200th year of statehood. The First Maine Flag Hat pays tribute to Maine’s first flag design of 1901. In 1909 it was replaced with the current Maine Flag: a shield featuring a farmer and a sailor standing on either side of a pine tree. The north star shines above with Maine’s state motto “Dirigo,” meaning “I lead.”

Many Mainers AND visitors to Maine have gravitated toward the original “first” flag design. The simplicity of the First Maine Flag lends to its powerful effect on it’s audience. According to vexillologists, those who study flags, there is certain criteria that makes or breaks the purpose of a flag’s design. In this specific case, The First Maine Flag’s design would be easier to identify when approaching the state of Maine from the water–Maine’s current flag design looks very similar to other flags from states such as Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire; they each feature their signature state shield/seal against a dark blue backdrop.

Rock Maine’s FIRST Flag with one of these First Maine Flag Hats. Unisex, stylish, and full of history, these hats will definitely be a conversation piece. #bringbackthefirstmaineflag