Beach Sand

Harpswell Sand Bangle Bracelet



  • Beach sand from Harpswell, Maine
  • Choose from beach sand or added crushed lobster shell or mussel shell options
  • Covered in glass in a surgical steel bezel
  • Approximately .5″ bezel
  • Hung on adjustable bangle with a charm

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This Harpswell Sand Bangle Bracelet is made with sand from Harpswell, Maine. Part of Cumberland County, Harpswell is composed of land including Harpswell Neck and three large islands connected by bridges: Sebascodegan Island (locally known as Great Island), Orr’s Island, and Bailey Island and over 200 smaller islands.

Is Harpswell special to you? This jewelry is a perfect way to remember the annual family pilgrimage, a special summer spent in Maine, or to gift for someone to commemorate a significant moment at the monumental head light. Choose from three options: neutral grains of sand, sand with red and pink lobster shell, or sand with blue mussel shell pieces added.

Amy is inspired by Maine’s colors and landscape and how it changes with the seasons. The Harpswell sand is set into a stainless steel charm and covered in glass. Amy, a self taught jewelry maker in Limington, Maine specializes in natural materials, glass, and wire.  Amy began creating jewelry in 2006 as a hobby and over the past years, this “hobby” has grown into what it is today, allowing her to do this full-time. The true handcrafted nature of her work, quality, and aesthetic appeal has been what has made her jewelry line successful.