Happy New Year! - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Happy New Year!

? Happy New Year!

?A lot has happened behind the scenes of the Lisa-Marie’s family this year. Lots of us lost family members or have endured challenging experiences. We’re so thankful to have a team like ours that supports each other through these difficult times. All of us have sacrificed days off to cover for each other last minute and have shown up for each other when needed. We’re more than just a group of employees but a big family. We’re so lucky to have our shop family.

?Lots of exciting things have happened in 2018 also! We got a new look with our logo, website and storefronts thanks to Portland Design Co., OSC Web Design and Andy’s early mornings painting. Though there are still more updates to do, we’re proud of what we accomplished in 2018 and are excited for what 2019 has in store!

?Thank you to our incredible artisans and craftsmen.
?Thank you to our customers, regular and new.
?Thank you to our shop family.
?We wouldn’t be here without any of you.

?Cheers to 2019!