Happy Father's Day, Andy!

Happy Father’s Day, Andy!

Andy Stewart, painting the storefront in Portland.

Happy Father’s Day, Andy!

Andy is the co-owner of Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine, but his name is not on the sign. If you’ve visited us in our physical stores it’s very likely that you have met Andy, Lisa-Marie’s husband.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to come in in person yet, meet Andy – the other half of Lisa-Marie’s.
He flies under the radar accomplishing all the little tasks that make the business run smoothly.

He pays our bills.
He ships your packages.
He washes the floors.
He gets change from the bank.
He breaks down cardboard and takes out the trash.
He makes sure morale is up by cracking silly Dad-jokes.
He fixes the credit card machines when they stop working.
He is our IT saving grace.
He backs up the computers so that the artists get their Sold Items reports.
He paints the storefronts.
He REpaints the storefronts when the ladies decide they don’t like that color.
He steps behind the counter to sell things when an employee is sick.
He makes coffee.

Andy is not only a fantastic father to his children, he is a kind, gentle, supportive, and loving man to all of us at Lisa-Marie’s and every customer he comes in contact with. He is the ‘Lisa-Marie’s Dad’ and we’d be lost without him.

Happy Father’s Day to all the people out there who are a dad to someone, in whatever form that takes!