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Give It Up For All Those PAW-some Pets Out There!

National Pet Day

From all the staff (& their pets) here at Lisa-Marie’s, we wish you and yours a HAPPY NATIONAL PET DAY! Hope you spoil yours with a healthy treat, a new toy, or an extra long walk ????

NEW ONLINE: 100% Cat-Tested and Approved Catnip ????

Marissa, our Portland store assistant manager and marketing assistant (hello, hello!), has been purchasing these little sachets of cat-joy for years and was very excited when it was decided to make them available on our website. She has 3 cats (and 2 dogs, some chickens…etc.) and tried to include them in the product photos–but the catnip’s SO good, she couldn’t keep them still! Featured up top is an image she managed to capture of her calico, Paisley, surveying the grand selection of her favorite toy…before they were safely put away for YOUR kitty to enjoy next.

Luna (featured on right) LOVES these little cat nip sachets. Her favorite way to play with them is by holding it with all four paws and rolling around. (P.S. She’s still learning to share.) ????

If You Weren’t Already Best Friends With Your Dog, You Will Be Now (With These Treats) ????

If there’s one thing Rolo (left) and Roxy (right) agree on, its how much they LOVE these Moose Poop Dog Treats. With the telltale crinkle of the bag they come running, willing to do any of their various tricks to be rewarded with one of the delicious, peanut butter and oat treats that mom brings home from work. Roxy and Rolo were best friends with their humans at first sight…but these tasty treats are just the cherry (or should we say “dog biscuit?”) on top!


Keep Your Paws Off My Dog Balm ????

This all natural balm is specially formulated to heal rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads and snouts. It helps create a protective barrier while also locking in moisture and helping prevent dryness and damage. It’s safe for your pup, even when licked off! Ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, and calendula. Ripley and Lucy’s parents apply it to their paws on cold, winter days and before/after long walks or hikes in the Maine woods!

 Picture ???? Perfect: Train Your Pup with Organic Maine Blueberry Dog Biscuits

Do you have a new four-legged friend in your life? Well, believe it or not, handsome Hank (featured, on left) was adopted from a rescue just a year ago! If you have a new dog, you may know the struggles of obedience training…let alone getting them to sit still for a photo. With plenty of patience, a balanced amount of healthy treats, and Quincy (featured, on right) as a wonderful doggy role model, Hank’s parents have trained him to listen and behave, while providing him a fabulous life alongside his furry older sister.

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“Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” 

Give your pet a hug from all of us here at Lisa-Marie’s–we know they deserve it. ????