Sea Glass Family of 6



  • Delicate pieces of colorful sea glass found on the Maine coast
  • Arranged to create bird pairs
  • Hand drawn by Amanda
  • ~5.25″ wide, 4.25″ tall, .5″ deep white frame
  • Set on a shelf or hang on the wall

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Amanda makes these Sea Glass Family of 6 Frames in her free time in between the hustle of two little girls. Inspired by her mom, who believed she had this creative skill in her from the get-go, Amanda decided to pursue her art shortly after starting a family. Amanda has been creating these families and scenes made from tiny pieces of sea glass for over four years. Combing the beach for a variety of sizes and colors of sea glass, she arranges the sea glass and draws around the glass depicting family dynamics or clever scenes such as a narrow piece of sea glass being turned into a person successfully doing yoga and a chunky piece of sea glass person looking at the other person confused.