Rainbow Garden Beach Glass Art



  • Matted image of a rainbow garden
  • Made from pieces of beach glass collected from the seacoast
  • 3×4 black wood frame with glass
  • Simple, elegant decor; the perfect addition to any home or office

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Introducing another way to Reuse & Recycle: Rainbow Garden Beach Glass Art, featuring red, orange, yellow, green and blue beach glass arranged into a beautiful rainbow garden. Reminder! Each one is handmade and uses unique beach glass, which means each one is one-of-a-kind.

Danielle has always had a fascination for rocks, their history, shape and complex colors. During the start of the Covid pandemic, she found herself (like most people) with a lot of extra time on her hands, so she decided to take her rock collecting to a new level and began creating art. Using rocks, stones, sea glass, and driftwood, she created scenes from nature that inspire her. Hikers, flowers, dragonflies, and hummingbirds are amongst her most favorite and popular creations. “I truly find joy in every facet of my art and love to be challenged by custom design requests.”