Steller’s Sea Eagle by Isabella-Zoe Ciolfi



  • The sticker measures 6” long and 4.5” tall
    • made of car decal vinyl (extremely durable)
  • The matted print is a standard 8″x10″
  • Both are printed locally in Brunswick, Maine
  • Black & white in color

This special avian was sighted far, FAR from their homeland of Russia this past Spring and Summer…on the coast of Maine!

To celebrate, Maine Maker Isabella-Zoe created this Steller’s Sea Eagle Print and Sticker, donating 25% of each sticker to Avian Haven, an incredible wild bird rescue organization.

Please donate to Avian Haven directly if you are able!

More about the Maker:

Isabella-Zoe is a lover of clean lines, snow days and opossums. Her illustrations focus on the many complex relationships she has with the natural world (humans included). Creating compassionate and interactive educational material is a major passion of hers. She has spent the majority of her life working as a carpenter and only recently am transitioning into illustration.

She resides on the banks of the Kennebec River in southern coastal Wabanaki territory. Discover more of her beautiful prints, cards & stickers in both of our shops!