Oyster Shell Ring Dish



  • Gilded oyster shell ring or trinket dishes
  • Feature a variety of decoupaged vintage and new patterns
  • Perfect accent piece for any piece of jewelry
  • Outer oyster shell is hand gilded
  • Inner shell reveals a unique decoupaged design delicately edged in gold gilt
  • Each shell varies in size as every oyster is unique

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Gathered along the coast of Maine, Sue gives a new purpose (and look) to her oyster shell collection, transforming them into gorgeous, intricate oyster shell ring dishes. These gilded oyster ring or trinket dishes feature a variety of decoupaged vintage and new patterns, and make the perfect accent piece for any piece of jewelry. The outer oyster shell is hand gilded, while inner shell reveals a unique design or image delicately edged in gilt. FUN FACT: Oysters are shaped by their beds. Once an oyster attaches to a bed (a surface occupied by a group of oysters), it grows and forms around the surface it attaches itself to--as well as the oysters around it. Because of this, each shell varies in shape, size, and curvature--no two are alike. The Oyster Shell Ring Dish is a perfect gift for any occasion: engagement, bridal and wedding celebrations; birthdays and anniversaries; or just a little something to say "I love you."