Maine Woodsman’s Weatherstick


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Out of stock

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  • Approximately 12-17″ long
  • 2.5″ base with whole on top for nail
  • Weatherstick bends down to fortell foul weather or up for fair weather
  • Hang on an outside wall or door casing exposed to the weather
  • Each stick comes packaged with the story of the weather stick and simple instructions

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“They Really Work” The Maine Woodsman’s Weatherstick has been predicting the weather, delighting their owners, and amazing new acquaintances all around the world for decades. In fact, it’s said that the Abenaki Indians that lived along the northeastern coast of the United States and Canada were the first to use them. Hang one outside your kitchen window, on your porch, or any spot exposed to the elements; the weather prediction is all in the way weatherstick moves. The stick curls upwards sharply when good weather is headed your way and downwards when the weather is about to take a turn for the worse (unless you’ve hung it upside down–the hole goes on top)! They’re very accurate and last a long time. Hang one up and it’ll keep forecasting the weather for years to come. Who would have thought that you could predict the weather with something as simple as a stick? If you’re looking for a simple, no-batteries-required way to forecast the weather at home, weather sticks are the best way to do it! Each Maine Woodsman's Weatherstick is approximately 12″ – 17″ long and comes packaged with it's origin story and simple instructions.