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Bag o’ Balsam


3 in stock

3 in stock


  • Approximately 6oz of ground, all natural Balsam Fir.
  • Great for filling scented sachets and pillows, or for use as potpourri!
  • Fills the air with the fresh scent of woodsy, Maine balsam – a crowd favorite!

Grab a bag (or two) of Maine balsam! Fill your home with the fresh scent of the Maine woods. It’s a crowd favorite, and typically the first question our customers ask as they walk through our shop doors – “What’s that good/comforting/amazing smell?”

This Bag o’ Balsam is made in Auburn, Maine by Paine’s Products. “First, balsam branches are brought to us by local woodsmen, where they are then ground and dried. To make our incense products, it is then pressed into incense molds and finally dried… That’s it! No chemicals are added, and is 100% natural and sustainable!”