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Heart Ale Mug



The Heart Ale Mug is made by Devenney Pottery, a husband and wife team.

  • Made by husband and wife team – Mary & Joe
  • Featuring the Devenney’s Signature  “Bumpy” Hearts
  • Every single mug is unique
  • Mugs are similar in shape and size but each glaze comes out different
  • Hand made in porcelain
  • Individually glazed and oxidation fired to 2262º F
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • See the smaller Heart Mug here.

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The Heart Ale Mug is made by Devenney Pottery, a husband and wife team. It is perfectly sized for the extra-large cup of coffee to start your day or the normal size adult beverage to end your day. Mary studied pottery as part of her college education and moved on to become an art teacher, sharing her knowledge and techniques with her students. She taught Joe the magic of clay when they met. Shortly after completing an intensive clay workshop in Alaska, they moved to Maine and opened a pottery studio in their garage. Inspired by each other, their family, and Mary's students, their pottery style has changed throughout the years. The Devenney's signature collection is visible in their glazing techniques, featuring mellow streaks and dabs of turquoise, greens, and blues, often accompanied by one or two tiny red hearts. They incorporate hand-built and wheel-thrown pieces in their work, occasionally using textiles to create texture and patterns in the clay. Some pieces even display hand painted imagery (yet another talent of the two). Their production work is all hand made in porcelain and is oxidation fired to 2262º F. All of their pieces are made with love--the love they are able to share together in their work; the love they have for the world; and the love they remind us to have for each other.

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