Rustic Birdhouse



  • made with natural, repurposed wood & materials
  • ~1.25″ hole is just right for wrens, chickadees, and other small to medium size birds.
  • includes 2 eye hooks for hanging

The sun is shining, the trees are blooming, and the birds are happily chirping because of the addition of a Maine-made Rustic Birdhouse in your backyard! What an upgrade to the nest! Maine Maker, Dennis, pours his heart into each and every one, handcrafting them with natural, repurposed materials. Each birdhouse is unique – no two are exactly the same.

Dennis currently creates these Rustic Birdhouses in 3 sizes, and we carry a limited selection of them online. If you’re not finding the perfect home for your backyard birdies on our website, don’t hesitate to give our shops a call to see what their in-store selection looks like: Bath (207) 443-2225 | Portland (207) 828-1515.

Handmade with love for those who take joy in nature & birdwatching.