Single Maine Needham


17 in stock

17 in stock


  • Original flavor potato/coconut filling covered with our gourmet dark chocolate blend.
  • Made in Maine with nationally and internationally sourced ingredients.
  • Available as a 6-piece Gift Box here >>
  • Share amongst a group of friends or keep them all for yourself as a treat.

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Please note :
we do not ship chocolate between June 1 and October 1
because we want it to arrive to you in its original form and not a melty mess. 🥵

The Single Maine Needham is made by Maine Needham Company in Saco, Maine. If you want to experience a well-kept local secret, look no further. Each individually wrapped chocolate is a traditional Maine favorite, made with shredded coconut and coated in rich dark chocolate.

The Maine Needham Company started circa 2007 in a small kitchen in Norway, Maine. The original owner, Linda, put her heart and soul into her Needham-making business and perfected her recipe to be, in our humble opinion, the best tasting Needham in Maine. In the spring of 2019, new owners Gerard and Malaika moved the Maine Needham Company to their hometown of Saco, Maine, where they’ve lived and raised their family for over three decades.

​”We cherish the 150-year-old Maine tradition of the Needham and are proud to make it our mission to preserve, revitalize and expand that tradition throughout New England and beyond.”