Maine Chocolate Selection


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3 in stock


  • Made by Haven’s Candies in Scarborough, Maine.
  • Features an assortment of Haven’s most popular creams, caramels, and specialty pieces.
  • Approximately 6oz of chocolate.
  • Share amongst a group of friends or keep them all for yourself as a treat.

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Please note :
we do not ship chocolate between June 1 and October 1
because we want it to arrive to you in its original form and not a melty mess. 🥵

The Maine Chocolate Selection is made by Haven’s Candies in Scarborough, Maine. The Maine Selection features an assortment of carefully chosen Maine-themed chocolates, including blueberry and raspberry creams, coconut Needhams, a white chocolate state of Maine, cranberry caramel, and chocolate mousse. Approximately 6oz. Packaged in Haven’s signature red box.

Herbert Haven founded Haven’s Candies in 1915, after following his sweetheart from Boston to Portland.  They courted and married, and soon Herbert and his new wife were handcrafting candies in their kitchen and selling them from the front parlor of their house on Forest Avenue.

As the son of skilled candy makers, Herbert brought both premium quality and creative originality to his products.  Over the years many confectioners have come and gone in Maine, but few have stood the test of time like Haven’s.

Today, Haven’s continues to thrive by sticking to its roots.  They still handcraft the candies using traditional methods, the finest ingredients and a commitment to superior quality. And we here at Lisa-Marie’s can personally vouch for that.