Knobby Q


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3 in stock


Knobby Qs encourage early mouthing experiences that support the transition from midline tongue exploration to lateral jaw movement. This transition facilitates the development of the masseter muscle so critical for mature speech production as well as biting and chewing skills.

  • Encourages up/down jaw motion – Practice needed for developing biting and chewing skills, and important for later speech production.
  • Encourages side to side tongue movement – Skill needed to move food side to side in chewing
  • Allows proper and natural growth of the hard palate – Does not indent baby’s malleable palate.
  • Encourages variation in sound production – The mouth is open and available for sound exploration.
  • Allows an open mouth for breathing – Helpful when a child is congested or has a cold and the nose is stuffed up.
  • Encourages tiny hands to grasp the Chewy Q and place in the mouth – Supports hand to mouth coordination and self-regulation of biting by baby.
  • Promotes proper alignment of the upper and lower dentition as teeth erupt.

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The Knobby Q is a product of Chewy Tubes. Chewy Tubes are innovative oral motor devices designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills. Chewy Tubes are designed by Mary Schiavoni, M.S., CCC-SLP, to be used with the new Jaw Rehabilitation Program, a patented methodology offered by Speech Pathology Associates, LLC to develop jaw motion for biting and chewing skills.

Chewy Tubes are made in Maine from safe, non-toxic, thermo elastic polymer materials; no lead, no pvc, no phthalates, no latex. All materials are non toxic and FDA approved. Chewy Tubes are also registered with the FDA.