Cheers to National Beer Day ???? - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Cheers to National Beer Day ????

National Beer Day 2021

???? Happy National Beer Day!

As of early 2020, Maine is home to 155 active, licensed breweries, representing over 100 unique brands. There are over 15 breweries in Portland alone! Needless to say, as Mainers we are pretty spoiled with our beer selection.

We feel pretty lucky to live here in Maine where there is naturally occurring beauty every direction we look.

It’s also pretty amazing how much WICKED GOOD BEER we have!

You are bound to find something tasty at any local brewery.

We here at Lisa-Marie’s LOVE beer, but we’re leaving it to the breweries to sell it. While you can’t pick up your favorite microbrew with us, we do have LOTS of MAINE MADE items that make us very hOppy.  ????

Check out our Maine Made beer accessories….

These beer caddies are made from pieces of bent lobster trap kept in place using hardware often found on lobster boats.
The convenient carrying caddies are great for both cans and bottles and are available in a variety of colors.

Bottle openers cast from real Maine lobster claws.

Just like every lobster claw is unique, each bottle opener is one-of-a-kind and made extra special by how the glaze takes to each claw differently.

Coastal Waters 
Lobster Claw Bottle Opener
$39.99Deep Blue Sea
Lobster Claw Bottle Opener

Pop one of these ale mugs into the fridge for a bit and then pour in your beverage of choice – it’ll help maintain the cold temperature. The handle keeps the warmth from your hand away from your brew, helping to keep it at a cold temperature.


So, you’ve cracked open your bottle and need a place to set that cold beverage down.



How about a coaster featuring a map of Portland, Maine?

Perhaps beer isn’t your thing. You can still represent your love of the beer culture here in Maine with these beer can CANDLES. These amazing soy candles are delightfully scented and each named with a certain location in Maine in mind.

No matter how you chose to celebrate National Beer Day in 2021, we hope that you do it safely and responsibly.

Support your local breweries and drink Maine beer!

Get more info about Maine beer and the current happenings in the brewery world of Vacationland at