Celebrating National BBQ Day, The Maine Way - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Celebrating National BBQ Day, The Maine Way

Rossam Barbeque Sauces


Featuring some delicious & useful Maine products that’ll help you celebrate!


Named after the island in Casco Bay, West Brown Cow is a spicy dry rub used as a prelude to grilling. Originally created for beef, it’s delicious flavor and versatility pair wonderfully with seafood. 


  • 3.5 oz.
  • All Natural | Gluten Free | Non GMO
  • Ingredients:  Paprika, Black Pepper, Sugar, Sea Salt, Lemon, Lime, Orange Rind, Ancho Chiles, Maine Seaweed & Spices.
  • Try me on:  Steaks, ribs, pork, chicken, swordfish, tuna steaks.
  • Heat Level:  4/10

Great Salt Bay Seasoning Co. Smoked Maple Salts

Captain Mowatt’s West Brown Cow Rub

Want to add a whole lotta flavor and a little bit of a kick? Try one of Rossam’s BBQ sauces: Original, Habanero, Blueberry, and Mustard, all four flavors available in our Bath and Portland shops! If you’re looking to add a boost of heat, Tallywaggers BBQ sauce is made with a combination of NINE different peppers, a perfect mix of flavor without burning your lips off. You can also add a dash of the infamous Lost Woods Hot Sauce to your grilled meats or veggies to turn up the spice level.

And don’t forget to clean up!

If you use a bristled grill scraper, did you know that those wiry bristles can come loose and fall into your grill…or worse, your delicious food? Try one of these new wooden grill scrapers instead, made from reclaimed hardwood flooring. It even features a nifty bottle opener, for efficient multitasking! ????