Carrabassett Valley Jewelry

Whale Tail Jewelry



“These gray giants from the deep grace us with their presence if we are lucky enough to witness their moments on the surface. Their annual migration from the winter breeding grounds in the tropics to summers in the North Atlantic is one of the timeless and trusted cycles of nature.”
  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • Featuring a 3D whale tail or stacked tails
  • Stud Earring, Dangle Earring and Pendant options
  • Design is cut out by hand

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The Whale Tail Jewelry is made by Carrabassett Valley Jewelry and comes in both earrings and pendants in a variety of sizes.

Liz Stefany was introduced to the art of silversmithing at the age of 12, while attending summer camp on Sebago Lake here in Maine.  Once she moved full-time to Carrabassett Valley in 2006, she knew that starting Carrabassett Valley Jewelry was a no brainer.

Liz loves designing and creating jewelry that provides a sense of connection and has depth and meaning.  Her designs are a mix of symbolism and realism, resulting in jewelry that is easy to wear and is complementary to many different occasions.  Along with the design collections, she loves creating custom jewelry for any occasion – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or just because!  These often have themes of nature and outdoor activity, and aside from wedding rings, one of her favorite custom requests is to recreate a landscape or view that holds special significance.

Liz strives to be environmentally friendly in an industry that is far from that.  She purchases recycled gold and silver to take some impact away from mining.  (One of her suppliers is powered completely by solar power!) Her biggest dilemma has been whether to source gemstones that are natural (destructive mining!) or lab created (far from nature, which she holds close), but has found sources that offer fair-mined and/or fair-trade natural gems as a bit of a compromise.  When offered the choice, her customers tend toward willingly paying a higher price in order to support more responsible trade avenues, which is a win-win for the planet and the humans who live here!  When it comes to those sparkly stones that are “forever,” one of her suppliers even offers recycled diamonds that have been removed from old jewelry and can be brought back to life in new designs, and at a price less than buying freshly mined stones.  And of course, Liz is thrilled to work with you to recycle your own/family jewelry to give it an update so it is worn once again! Email if you are interested in having something created from your family heirloom.