Black Compass Rose Buoy Bell


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  • Top of triangle to base is ~14″
  • Triangle base is ~7.25″
  • Wind catcher hangs ~12″ from base featuring a gold compass rose
  • Powder coated with a durable semi-flat black outdoor weather finish
  • Hang outdoors year-round

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Listen to the haunting sound of the Black Compass Rose Buoy Bell. These wind bells will chart your spirits to the sea! Powder coated to endure the weathering elements and crafted to last for many years to come! These bells come with 8 inches of coordinating top chain plus 8+ inches of wind catcher.

Each North Country Wind Bell is based on Jim (founder) and his family’s interpretation of the gong and bell buoys in the areas for which they’re named. Because of the wide variance in their tones, their groupings have resulted in single, double and triple-toned buoy bells.

Every North Country Wind Bell is shaped from quality steel which is over 60% recycled! All steel is a “living finish” and will patina over time, but will play for many years to come. All of North Country’s bells are powder coated with a durable outdoor weathering finish. These characteristics make it ideal for North Country Wind Bells, which are designed to hang outdoors year-round, and will not twist, tangle or break.
Quality materials, fine workmanship and family pride ensure that these rugged bells from North Country Wind Bells will endure for many years to come. Even hung far from the ocean, their response to a gentle breeze carries pleasant reminders of ocean swells and the constant vigil sounded by coastal and harbor bells.