Maine Icons Teething Bunny & Burp Cloth Set


3 in stock

3 in stock


  • Burp Cloth & Bunny Teething Ring
    • Wooden teething rings are ~3 in diameter, perfect size for little hands.
    • Burp Cloth measures ~17″ wide, 10″ at each end with a curve for your shoulder in the middle, at narrowest ~8″

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The Maine Icons Teething Bunny & Burp Cloth Set is the perfect gift for those expecting, or for your OWN lil’ “honey bunny” baby! Both useful and cute!

Having children opened up a whole new world of color for Lauren. If you took a stroll through her home or studio seven years ago, you’d have found all sorts of shades of white, cream and grey balanced with warm honey wood tones. But what you won’t find is much color. Simple, clean and sparse was Lauren’s personal and professional style and in many ways still is. Fast-forward to today, and her life after four children is anything but neutral.

Before starting Bird & Bear Boutique, she co-owned a custom wedding stationery company for eight years. She had Christopher and then Harris, all the while designing stationery in lovely variations of cream and white. But over the years, she was slowly surrounded by color. Her children’s clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes, and gallery of artwork were full of color.

In 2012 Lauren welcomed twins Benjamin and Rachel. During this time, at home with her husband and four joyful kids she began to daydream about what she wanted to do next. It only seemed natural that she would start to create for her children and from this blossomed Bird & Bear Boutique. She takes great care in the designs and playthings she creates. Spending time discovering new fabrics and working with amazing colors has made her happy. She hopes it makes you happy, too.