How does Beth feel about painting your memories?

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved making Christmas ornaments. I would make them for my own Christmas tree during my children’s growing years and for gift for family and friends. I would make them all year long. So it only seemed natural that 10 years ago, when I start my part time creative business, it began with selling my hand painted ornaments. Four years ago, I quit my day job of 21 years and went full time to keep up with growing demand. I have never looked back. I truly love what I do, because my ornaments become part of family traditions and celebrations, markers of time and important events. So when I get a request to customize an ornament, it makes me happy and when that same family comes back the next year for another custom ornament to add to their family tree and memories – pure joy.

Beth Doan

Maine Artist

Every year, Beth creates customized ornaments for our customers. 2020 had lots of babies!

Welcome to the world Ashton, Charles, John, Maggie and Wyatt! 

And, Congratulations to Melissa & Evan on your first year of marriage!

Are you interested in having an ornament created to commemorate a special event in your life?
to get started! Beth gets very busy the closer to the end of the year we get so it’s never too early to place your order.