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Beth Customizes Christmas For You

Baby's First Christmas

One of our favorite parts of what we do,
is working with our artists to create the perfect gift for you.

It may be jewelry or pottery or a custom ordered piece,
we can even help provide Maine food for your feast.

Make this year’s Christmas one to treasure,
order a special, hand-painted ornament you’ll have forever.

First Christmas as Husband & Wife

What is more special than a customized ornament to commemorate an important life event? Many of our artists are willing to customize their work. But Beth Doan always goes above and beyond to create something extra special for our customers.

Beth started with simple snowmen and her art has grown over the years to include snowmen participating in clever activities (such as knitting or spinning a basketball.) She also paints, lobsters, Maine birds, buoys, and lighthouses.
While always excited about a new creation, she still loves painting adult snowmen with their collection of snow-babies to represent your family.

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved making Christmas ornaments. I would make them for my own Christmas tree during my children’s growing years and to gift for family and friends. I would make them all year long. So it only seemed natural that 10 years ago, when I start my part time creative business, it began with selling my hand painted ornaments. Four years ago, I quit my day job of 21 years and went full time to keep up with growing demand. I have never looked back. I truly love what I do, because my ornaments become part of family traditions and celebrations, markers of time and important events. So when I get a request to customize an ornament, it makes me happy and when that same family comes back the next year for another custom ornament to add to their family tree and memories – pure joy.

First Christmas as Four, backUS Coast Guard SnowmanFirst Christmas as Four, front

This US Coast Guard Snowman was customized for someone in the Guard and picked up by her mom and gifted for Christmas. Being a part of these special gifts is so rewarding.

Are you interested in a customized ornament? Contact Marie ( with your ideas and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

While Beth is willing to paint custom orders into the holiday season, it’s always better to order with lots of time to spare. Contact us today!

Want a sneak peak at a few of Beth’s new 2019 designs….

Thank-you Beth for making these memories so special!