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Be Kind to Your Mother Earth

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Happy ???? Day!

These Maine artists celebrate every day like it’s Earth Day, repurposing found materials into new (and useful) treasures.


Enjoy Your Favorite Beverages at Your Favorite Place

Where’s your favorite place to go when the ☀️ is shining? Would you…

  • Venture to Burnt Meadow Mountain for a hike with a view?
  • Have a relaxing beach day getaway at Popham Beach?
  • Take the kayak out on the pristine waters of Sebago Lake?
  • Enjoy a picnic in the park at the iconic Portland Head Light?
No matter where you go, you can take your favorite drinks & meal supplies with you in one of these condiment and beer caddies, made from repurposed lobster traps!


So Fresh & So Clean, Clean! 

Nothing says “clean home” like the feeling of walking barefoot on CLEAN FLOORS! ????
Replace your boring ole’ dustpan with one of these Vacationland cuties–each handmade by a retired safety officer for the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, by resourcing old Maine license plates!

Enjoy Earth Day OUTSIDE, and make dinner on the grill tonight! But don’t forget to clean up after. If you use a bristled grill scraper, did you know that those wiry bristles can come loose and fall into your grill…or worse, your delicious food? Try one of these new wooden grill scrapers instead, made from reclaimed hardwood flooring. It even features a nifty bottle opener, for efficient multitasking! ????

Lobster Rope That’ll Last You a Lifetime

Ridding the ocean of plastic, one rope at a time.
These mats and baskets are created from new and recycled lobster rope material, preventing it from being left behind as a potential wildlife hazard. Because the rope takes years–even decades–to deteriorate, these mats and baskets can endure the elements of each season. Add a pop of color wherever you might need it and shop our selection of lobster rope products, knowing that with your purchase, you’re paying it forward to our planet.

In a Previous Life…

These Maine artists saw beauty within the ordinary.
Transforming vintage silverware into pendants full of life and personality!

I Was a Fork ????

Check out their
funky fork creations,
which include:
Oceanic Octopi,
Fascinating Fish,
Exotic Elephants!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

David Tabbutt creates these
beautiful pens from
lobster, mussel and clam shells.


Without the creativity and talent of our Maine makers and the support of our customers (YOU!), we wouldn’t be here. Thank you, and Happy Earth Day!