Balsam Pillows

Maine Balsam Pillow



  • Perfect for bringing the sights and smells of the Maine woods to you featuring pine cones or a chickadee
  • “Maine” spelled out front and center
  • Printed on muslin cloth
  • 3″x5″ pillow
  • Filled with 100% Maine balsam fir.

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The Maine Balsam Pillow is made by Paine Products, a family owned, Maine business since 1931. They make all natural balsam, pinon pine and cedar incense here in Maine.

First, balsam branches are collected by local woodsmen and then ground and dried. No chemicals are added and the process is 100% natural and sustainable! The balsam is used in these pillows. The pillows are stuffed with Maine balsam, filled and stitched right on site. During their busy season it looks a bit like Santa’s Workshop, with all of the stitchers busy.

These pillows are great as gifts, or an aromatic delight in a drawer, closet, or car. They are the perfect example of one of our strongest senses – smell, and a whiff of this balsam will transport you directly to the Pine Tree State. When people walk through the doors of the Paine Product’s plant they are amazed at the smell of the balsam.