American Heritage Pens

“Age Of Sail” Wood Pen



  • Heirloom quality ballpoint pen
  • Americana double twist made from the four-mast schooners – Hesper and Luther Little
  • Pen twists in either direction to lock
  • Comes in a lined, red gift box made for pens

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In June of 1932 the four-mast schooners Hesper and Luther Little were auctioned off and both had been “laid up” in Wiscasset, Maine. The ships were in good condition at the time, the the age of sail was near an end and no work could be found. The ships has been deteriorating until their removal became necessary.

The Hesper and Luther Little were removed from Sheepscot River during the summer of 1998. This pen was crafted from wood salvaged from those ships. During the ship’s removal the wood was mixed. the pens are from one ship or the other but they don’t know which! the old ships are gone but these pens help keep the memories alive.

This heirloom quality pen was crafted with pride in Old Town, Maine.



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