A Word on Masks - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

A Word on Masks


We hope you’ve given yourself a pat on the back. This past year has been a test of patience, endurance, sanity, and of course, personal and communal safety. Which brings us to our main point: we know everyone is tired of wearing masks. But we’ve made it this far; we’ve prioritized the health and safety of our communities, even when it meant making personal sacrifices.

As restrictions lift and we open up our shops to maximum, limitless customer capacity, we are still keeping in mind those who are at high risk or unable to receive vaccines, like immunocompromised individuals and young children.

We know the simplest and most effective solution to stop the spread of COVID-19 is wearing a mask.
We know they help prevent community spread, and for these reasons we prefer for everyone to wear a mask when anyone visits our stores and shops in-person…whether you’re vaccinated or not.
We care about you, our wonderful customers, friends, and Maine Makers, who have stood by and supported us throughout this pandemic, and we are forever grateful for you.

So on that note, we hope that you join us in protecting the safety of our community, continuing to mask up indoors and showing each other the kindness and respect everyone deserves. We’re all in this together, and we can’t wait to smile (under our masks) at every visitor that walks through our doors this year.