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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for HER

Haven’t found the perfect gift for her this Valentine’s Day? Take a peek at this curated selection of 5 Maine-made gifts for your special someone – whether she’s crafty, stylish, or has a sweet tooth (or ALL THREE!), we’ve got something that will make her feel oh’ so loved!

DIY ❀️ Nail Art Kits

You become the artist with this new heart block string art kit! A great gift for all creative people, young and old.

She’s One-of-a-Kind

“These little gems are sea glass of every shape & size sometimes there are so many we can’t believe our eyes.

And each piece tells a story – a story all its own and every piece holds mysteries which will never be known.

Their scarcity in nature makes them difficult to find, These tiny shards of frosted glass that nature left behind.”

~ Bill MacLaughlin

“He’s her LOBSTER! πŸ¦ž” – Phoebe from Friends
Shop the Lobster Oyster Ring Dish, available in red & blue, & gift it to YOUR life-long lobstah.

LOVE is like a box of chocolates … it makes life a little sweeter! Shop our selection of Maine chocolates: Haven’s (pictured πŸ‘‰πŸ€€), Wilbur’s, and NEWly added online, Bixby Chocolates!