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Unlock the Magic of Maine in Spring: Art, Maple, Seaweed, and Saunas Await!

Not sure when to plan a trip to our lovely hoMe state? Deterred by the summer crowds and winter weather? Spring is the perfect time for you! Here are 4 reasons to visit Maine this spring – and have a lot of fun!

1. Art in Bloom, Portland Museum of Art: March 20-24, 2024

For a visual and aromatic feast, head to the Portland Museum of Art for the Art in Bloom exhibit that pairs works of arts with floral designs.

Art in Bloom has become a can’t-miss event for PMA members, art and floral enthusiasts, and visitors throughout the region. Featuring floral work by designers, artists, farmers, and florists from across southern Maine, the museum comes alive with fragrant blooms, extravagant displays, and incredible floral installations of all types—each inspired by an artwork from the museum’s collection. Admission is free all day Thursday and 4-8 p.m. Friday.

Explore the exquisite craftsmanship of local artisans like Simply Tilton, whose pressed flower jewelry captures the essence of Maine’s flora in every delicate piece. Or marvel at the intricate designs of David Tabbutt’s hand-turned pens, adorned with beautifully preserved florals that add a touch of elegance to your writing experience. Shop the magic of nature preserved in artistry online today!

2. Maine Maple Weekend: March 23 & 24, 2024

Always held the fourth Sunday of every March, Maine Maple Sunday has transformed into an entire weekend event at many local sugarhouses and farms. Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy our hoME state and everything that it has to offer, including Maine Maple Syrup.

Most sugarhouses offer maple syrup samples and demonstrations on how pure Maine maple syrup is made. Many farms offer games, activities, treats, sugarbush tours, music, and so much more.

Want to plan a visit? Here are just 10 (of the MANY) places you could go right here in Maine!

3. Fern Song Sauna: Brand New Maine Mobile Sauna!

Discover the healing power of wood-fired saunas with Fern Song Sauna! Indulge in the centuries-old tradition of sauna therapy, elevated to new heights with their wood-fired sauna experience. As the wood stove crackles and releases its comforting warmth, your body relaxes, your mind unwinds, and your spirit rejuvenates.

But the benefits go beyond mere relaxation. Wood-fired saunas are renowned for their numerous health benefits. The combination of heat and steam promotes detoxification, improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, and enhances skin health. It’s a holistic wellness experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Their handcrafted sauna, transformed from a rustic horse trailer, brings a touch of retro charm and modern luxury to your relaxation journey.

But there’s more than just personal wellness at stake. By booking a session with Fern Song Sauna this month, you’re also supporting a noble cause. We’re fundraising for Tri for a Cure, a testament to their commitment to community health and wellness.

“All profits from our wood-fired mobile sauna sessions during the month of March will go directly to Maine Cancer Foundation through Tri for a Cure fundraising efforts.
MCF is dedicated to helping Maine communities with cancer prevention, early detection, and access to care.”

At Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine, we proudly offer an extensive selection of locally crafted products designed to enhance your health and wellness journey. Explore our curated collection featuring premium brands like Unfiltered Skincare, Beedandy, and Marin, all dedicated to sourcing the finest natural ingredients (especially when they can support other locals!). Indulge in luxurious body balms, nourishing oils, rejuvenating milk baths, and soothing creams, carefully crafted to elevate your self-care regimen. Shop with us and discover the perfect essentials to support your holistic well-being!

4. Seaweed Week: April 19th-28th, 2024

This “6th annual food and drink festival celebrating the kelp harvest in Maine” takes place this year from April 19th-April 28th.

From Farm . . .

With 40+ kelp farms and growing, Maine leads the nation in seaweed aquaculture. Lobstermen, mussel growers, oyster farmers and others plant their lines in fall for harvest in April.

And Coast . . .

Maine’s wild harvesters scramble over rocks during extreme low tides to collect dulse, Irish moss, kelp, kombu, and wakame. It’s a way of life that goes back thousands of years along this coast.

. . . To Table

Maine’s top restaurants, bars, breweries and distilleries are bringing their passion and skills to local sea vegetables. Join them at the table!

There you have it! Now go on, plan your trip – and don’t forget to stop by and visit us in-person in Portland or Bath!